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Tatjana Writes is short for the tongue twister Tatjana van der Krabben. Copywriter by day, author by night and blogger on various topics in between.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands, but somehow end up writing in English time and again. Learn more about my projects in the English language below.
A word of warning: the rest of the website is in Dutch, so don’t hurt yourself!


Self-published and proud of it. Welcome… is my debut. It’s a mixture of suspense and women’s fiction. My novel is available as an ebook via Amazon and Kobo. Currently, I’m wrestling with the first draft of a new novel. There are plenty of story ideas lurking in the dark corners of my mind, but coaxing them to come out is another thing.

Travel is a source of inspiration and also heavily influences the story settings and back drops. Welcome… is set in New York, my work in progress in Curacao. I love it how writing changes my perspective, makes me see the surroundings in a new light, nudges me off the beaten track. There’s also something about writing on the go. Simply relying on pen and paper, preferably an a4 notebook and a 0.7mm gel pen.


Here are some of the highlights in blogging and article writing which are: A. available online and B. in English. That helps narrowing it down nicely.
For over 4 years I was a member of the blog collective of LIPESE. This popular blog offered a strong and empowering voice to women living with the chronic condition lipedema. Lipedema was for some time a bit of a theme in my writing. It even managed to work its way into my first novel, but I’ve since broadened my horizons.

Photographer Guido Koppes and I explored the embedding of images, a loophole in copyright legislation. It resulted in the article Embedding images: The Legal Way To Steal. Flexible working, the underrated answer to congestion, ghostwritten for Vecos Europe, is another favorite. It touches upon two things that I feel about strongly: sustainability and flexible working.

For Women Writers, Women(‘s) Books I wrote the guest blog Writing About Lipedema.


In daily life, I help businesses with their content marketing and business communication, via my own business Connected Communication. I don’t believe in specializing in either online or offline communication. A polished website, a quick email, that nerve-racking talk or a user instruction for your clients: all communication matters when you want to connect and make a good impression.

Welcome… – A novel

A stay in an upscale Manhattan apartment in exchange for looking after a cat quickly loses its appeal, but leaving was never an option.

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